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For Patients:

As minimally-invasive procedures continue to increase each year, there are countless products and treatments available for today’s pro-active patient. There is also an incredible amount of misinformation and misleading claims in the aesthetics industry. Aesthetic treatments are offered everywhere you look from day spas to Groupon offers. But how do you know whom to trust?

What should I look for in an Aesthetics Provider?

  • Ask the qualifications of the healthcare provider. He or she should be a medical doctor (M.D.), dental practitioner (D.D.S./D.M.D.), physician's assistant (P.A.) or registered nurse (R. N.) with a medically advanced approach to total patient care.
  • Educated by an accredited and reputable training academy. Is their education current and up-to-date? There are practitioners who are providing outdated treatments and protocols that were learned many years ago. How often are they taking continuing education courses to refresh and advance their skills?
  • Continuously involved in the aesthetics industry, being a member/fellow/diplomate of an aesthetics academy.
  • Offers comprehensive patient education in addition to pre and post-treatment instructions.
  • Make sure the practitioner asks you fill out a medical history form and consulting questionnaire that helps the doctor identify any previous treatments, contraindications, or reasons why injectables would or wouldn’t be appropriate for you. It should also inform you of risks.
  • Make sure there is a consultation so you both agree on treatments, how much product will be used, what the results will be, and how much it will cost.
  • Ask to see some of their patient cases. Do they offer a conservative and customized approach you are comfortable with?
  • Watch to make sure the physician follows proper sanitation standards and protocols. This includes working on sanitized surfaces, washing their hands, using fresh needles just out of an opened pack, cleansing the skin with alcohol before injection, and wearing gloves during the injection. Ensure your provider is taking pre & post pictures, as well as setting follow-up appointments.

Many people have misconceptions about treatments and expected results. IAFA providers are accredited healthcare providers who provide comprehensive education to patients. They are dedicated to advancing the aesthetics industry by keeping up to speed with by attending continuing education training courses and providing total patient care to patients.

IAFA providers will advise you on a variety of aesthetic treatments with a medically advanced approach to total patient care.

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