Combination Therapy Workshop: PRP, Radio-frequency, Micro-Needling, IPL, Lasers (2017)

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Combination Therapy for the Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift: Technology Based Aesthetics – RF, Lasers, IPL, PRP with Micro-needling​

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM | Morning Workshop

Presented by: Dr. Anil Rajani, MD, PC, Kara Moncrief, Global Clinical Trainer & Marianne Azneer, PA-C, International Injectables Trainer

Understanding the main treatment modalities and technology in aesthetics is critical to becoming a successful provider. This comprehensive workshop will allow participants to learn about various treatment modalities and how to best combine them to provide patients with the most optimal aesthetic results. Participants will get to learn and observe the Combination Therapy protocol, including the use of RF, IPL,  PRP and Microneedling. 

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